History of Camden Pointe

The land on which Camden Pointe was built was previously farmland owned by the Hale Family. This was known as the Allatoona Community years ago. At the back (western side) of the neighborhood is the former site of the old Allatoona Church. Just north on County Line Road is the old Allatoona Cemetery with over 100 graves of the original settlers of this area.

McLain Road, which was an old dirt road even as Camden Pointe was being built, has been around a long, long time. In fact, during the Civil War, Union troops marched along McLain Road on their way from Pickett's Mill toward Pine Mountain. During construction of Camden Pointe, numerous artifacts were uncovered. Ammunition was so plentiful for the Union troops they they would occasionally toss away bags of bullets when they became too heavy. They knew they could get more the next time they stopped. So keep your eyes pealed the next time you're digging in your yard!